Runescape covenience is a killer!

With Lodestones becoming the most popular way to travel, Jagex have destroyed the need to use (most) Teleport spells and Tablets. Lodestones are convenient; but too convenient.

Lodestones should be patched as followed:

1.You may now only travel between Lodestones. Casting the Home Teleport spell will now take you to Lumbridge (Normal Spellbook), Edgeville (Ancient Spellbook) or Lunar Isle (Lunar Spellbook).

2.A Lodestone must be charged with the same Runes as required to cast the Teleport spell before you can teleport to it. For some added convenience you may charge Lodestones up in advance (e.g. I could charge the Varrock lodestone with 100 teleports by charging it with 300 Air, and 100 Fire and Law runes).

3.Lodestones are unlocked as currently: Visit one once and you may access it from then onwards.

With these patches in place, using Tablets/Spells to Travel would once again be the significantly more convenient way to travel; rewarding players who choose to train their Magic level higher and still offering lower levels easy transport (which is likely what they were intended for). It will also revive many teleporting objects which have since had their convenience overshadowed by the use of Lodestones.

Whilst some will argue that the Teleport spells/items take players nearer to convenient locations, such as banks, this is not enough convenience to warrant using them over Lodestones as they require Runes. Having the Rune charge in place also acts as an item sink for Runescape 2007 Gold which will increase the demand of Law runes in particular; adding a small boost to the profit of traditional Runecrafters and Slayers whilst not breaking anyones bank with a massive price spike.

Again, I appreciate that this change would not be in the interest of many (including myself as I use Lodestones to travel everywhere) – but Lodestones are too convenient and in terms of balancing; were done so poorly in my opinion.

Note: The changes I suggest are in no way going to make the game more convenient for you. The immersion of this game’s environment is slowly being killed by convenience updates which waste, and undermine the purpose of existing content.

Runescape system update

There was a system update at approximately 6pm BST on 29th July. This was to fix the following:
-Players can once again progress past Wizard Traiborn’s quizzes in Recipe for Disaster.
-Completing the Player Owned Ports introduction cutscene now generates the port area correctly.
-Corrected an issue that was showing too many points had been gained by certain players in the Battle for Lumbridge.
-Players can once again descend the stairs in Juliet’s house near Varrock.
-The ladder in Lumbridge church is once again scalable.
-Players being attacked in Stealing Creation no longer gain a lot more points than the attacker.
-Players who have not completed Bringing Home The Bacon no longer receive daily challenges far below their skill level.
-Corrected an issue that was causing a loss of keybinds after using a bank search function.
-Fixed an issue that was causing disconnections when using a Battle for Lumbridge rewards trader.
-The emotes tab will no longer delete itself upon logging in if a player separates the Clan chat tab from the parent chat interface.
-Removed “Really rotten potato”, “Off-white party hat” and “Garish pink party hat” from the quickchat list of items.
-The quick-inventory buttons are no longer bound to any keys as default when logging in for the first time into RS 3 Gold.
-The bank interface is no longer affected by the transparency setting.
-Discontinued weapon poisons are now untradeable, and Warped Tortoises & Terrorbirds no longer drop them.
-It is once again possible to juggle in the Circus.
-Players can no longer walk into the air on Ape Atoll.
-Corrected several camera issues with the Vorago fight.
-Added some more blocking into certain locations around Lumbridge.

We also launched a system update on the 24th at approximately 5:15pm to fix the following issues:
-Several cutscenes now work in the HTML5 client.
-Cutscenes now work correctly in the World Wakes quest.
-A cutscene in Ritual of the Mahjarrat no longer crashes the Java client.
-The Conquest tutorial can now be completed.
-The “Nowt Tool Look At” and “Building Up Strength” Lumbridge achievements can once again be completed.
-Made several changes to make the account creation process work better with accounts with no display name.
-Made several tweaks to hopefully solve the mystery of the missing keybinds.
-The money pouch will no longer display as empty when there are coins inside.
-The Sinkholes daily reset has been replaced – this will take effect on the next daily reset.
-Players can now exit out of the Orb of Occulus interface.
-“Search” prompt windows will now appear on top of other interfaces.
-The Clan chat window’s separator will now remember it’s position over log-in sessions.
-The rejoining Friends / Clan chat functionality works once again.
-Setting the friends chat filter to “Friends only” now works as intended.
-Temporarily increased the drop rates slightly of the keystones in the Order of Ascension dungeon.

There was also a system update on the 23rd, at 5:30pm BST. This contained:
-Camera shakes will no longer continuously play.
-Some black screen issues have now been fixed.
-Defence abilities used from the ability book now function correctly.
-Made another fix to stop the actionbar from disappearing.
-Disabled lootshare on non-lootshare worlds.
-Corrected some spells that incorrectly required a target.
-Stopped quick inventory slots from activating whilst typing.
-Made some fixes to how email validation works with accounts with no display name.
-Added the automatic unlock music code back into login.

And the update on the 22nd, at approximately 10:00pm BST contained:
-Removed blocking from several bridges.
-Fixed an issue that was preventing players with no display name from logging in.
-Stopped several interfaces from bringing up the logout interface.
-Fixed some causes for players receiving a black screen on logging in.
-Stopped the Battle for Lumbridge from using instance shard worlds.
-Fixed an issue that was stopping Runescape Gold players from using the “custom price” function of the Grand Exchange.
-Fixed an issue with the game not rendering fog after watching certain cutscenes.

Runescape Hybrid Equipment is a little underpowered

Okay. So Hybrid Armor allows you to switch all styles without penalty. The accuracies, I believe, are 100% (of your total) for the style strong to the target, 66.7% for same, and 33.3% for weak. Therefore, by gaining strong across the board…
Average: 100%
Average normally: 66.7%
Gaining 33.3% accuracy.

However, let’s look at what you lose with 15 levels. Life bonus is negligible if food is involved – a shark’s worth at most. However, if we look at the lost armor bonus…
Someone worked out the exact bonuses, so according to that, armor bonus is based on a cubic equation. Therefore, the loss is the level change cubed.

At level 75, the best Hybrid armor in the game, the 15 level loss drops it to 80% of the level. 80% cubed is 51.2%. So it loses 48.8% of the armor bonus.

Thus, comparing your opponent’s accuracy gain to yours, they actually gain 15.5% MORE accuracy than you do. This makes Hybrid armor 100% not worthwhile.

If we downscale that to the lowest level, Void, you drop to 64% of the level. This cubed is 26%. So you lose a massive 74 PERCENT OF YOUR ARMOR BONUS.

However, this disregards inherent armor bonus. Which is roughly half of your armor bonus. So you end up losing 24.4% and 37%, respectively. Thus the net gain for Warpiest is 8.9%, and of Void is -3.67%.

We’ll base the math off of warpriest, which will have the largest potential level loss to still be fair.

8.9%. This is less of a bonus than Power Armor, which gives a 10% damage bonus. Also, it requires weapon switching, which adds cooldowns and such. So let’s set our objective at 15% net accuracy gain. Your gain is always going to be a constant 33.3%. So the loss needs to be 18.3%.

So incorporating inherent armor, the loss needs to be 36.6%, or a remaining 63.3%. The cubic root of this is… about 86%.

So it needs to lose 14% of the total levels. 14% of, let’s say level 60 for a middle number…

High dmg weapons are dominant

What’s the point of having a high attack speed weapon if it deals the same amount of DPS as a slow weapon, but that slow weapon will increase damage with your abilities more?

Wouldn’t this just make slow weapons just plain better? No reason to use faster weapons?

I propose that there should be an ability that adds a flat amount of damage (based on weapon tier) to your autoattacks.

For example, let’s say that ability adds 70 damage to autoattacks from rune weapons. Rune Scimitar would benefit more from this ability than Rune Battleaxe because it attacks faster, so it can apply that 70 damage more often.

Actually, weapons of the same tier have the same ability base (or very close). The reason you are experiencing the damage difference is because 2h weapons have 50 % more damage than a 1h counterpart. If you use Dual-wielding, however, you will gain the 50 % damage increase like the 2h.

Death some unlikely

Currently, there appears to be a bit of panic as to whether the losing god (currently projected to be Zamorak) will be killed at the end of the world event. It is indicated that may be the case by some of the text in game, but I do not think it’s likely.

As many have pointed out, killing off a faction this early in the 6th age alone seems crazy, but it’s more than that. I was thinking about it earlier. Sir Owen’s introductory quest is yet to be introduced. That quest was confirmed to feature Saradomin in it. Now, it wouldn’t make sense for Saradomin to leave the battlefield midway during the World Event, and the quest could not feature Saradomin at the battlefield, as he presumably will not stay there after the event. So I must conclude that the quest will take place after the event chronologically.

Now, if Saradomin were dead, how could he possibly feature in the quest, and continue to feature in Owen’s quests? His conflicts with staying loyal to Saradomin were cited as a central feature to Owen’s development, and his absence would throw a huge wrench in that equation. Further, Jagex couldn’t possibly know that Saradomin would win the event; as Mod Raven himself said:

So they could not have predicted the event’s outcome when planning Owen’s story. This all leads me to believe that the losing god will not die- Or at least Saradomin would not if he lost, and I’m making the assumption that they share an equal fate upon suffering defeat. I think that’s a valid assumption, but I suppose it’s arguable.

RuneScape 3 is finally releasing this Monday and it was decided

I truly enjoy the NIS and the fact this was the only RS3 gold team that took our feedback and implemented it into the system; and I believe they do not deserve the irrational rage we’ve seen in the past.

I don’t want moderator status of any kind, I’m not a community guy. I do not work at Jagex either. I think you and your post are the epitome of someone who is brainwashed by the worst kind of ignorant people.

This in an attempt to show Jagex that there are many players that support change and understand and appreciate improvements; and to prepare, thank and congratulate the team behind this new system. Please read it all up, whether at work or at home – I promise it’s short.

RuneScape 3 is finally releasing this Monday and it was decided, rightfully in my opinion, to make the NIS the one and only interface system in the game. Now, the last time a change so drastic was made was in the 20th of November last year – the Evolution of Combat’s (EoC – which I also support, by the way) release date. Even today, almost an year after it was launched, many players still complain that the Runescape EoC wasn’t a good move, that the game is not enjoyable anymore, and so on – even though it brought RuneScape to a level near current MMORPGs and was basically what made me enjoy fighting in-game.

But that was not the only time. RuneScape’s community has done this forever. When skillcapes were released people complained. When clan citadels were released people complained. When the wilderness player-killing and free trade were removed people complained (a little too much, here) and guess what? They complained when they were brought back. When there are updates people complain, when there aren’t many, people complain about the lack of them.

RuneScape’s community is made of very different people. It’s literally impossible to please everyone, and it’s the good old story – trends. Hating a certain celebrity because everyone does so without even knowing about their work is a prime example. And it happens here; yes it does. People even complain about the game in the Grand Exchange to start a talk with someone. I’ve seen it happen.

Updates are vital, however. And by working together with the community you made the NIS one of the best updates to the game so far. You’re, imo, the best team at Jagex.

To sum it all up, this Monday there will be many, many complaints to the New Interface System. Players saying they will quit, that it all sucks, and so on. You were likely told all this by the other teams, but I thought it was important to tell this to you.

Ofcourse, the title is just my opinion

Keep in mind also that if Saradomin wins, all of Misthalin and part of Asgarnia is going to side with him. That means Lumbridge, Falador especially, Varrock. Such a win guarantees him support, resources, and control.

Should Zamorak win, however. Falador’s faith will crumble up as they go either Armadyl or Godless. Maybe even Zarosian considering we built an altar to Zaros in Falador. Bandosians will also be spared Zamorak’s wrath at first glance.
The battle isn’t really about Lumbridge. It’s more about Falador. If Saradomin loses, Falador will take the hit harder than Lumbridge ever will.

If you’re Godless. Falador will show a heap of support for no god rather than a chaotic god. Humans are one of the most influential races to the Godless, as they may rise together for freedom of oppression. Should Saradomin win, however, their support will instead fall under the eyes of the God of Order without hesitation.

If you’re Armadylian, you’re the next line for Justice. Part of Falador and Varrock will show their faith towards you.

If you’re Zarosian, you won’t have to hide as much as you would if Saradomin won. It’s easy to get mixed inbetween Zamorakians. Several strong, powerful knights may even join your cause. Would it also not make a fitting story for Zamorak to fall by Zaros’ hand, too?

If you’re Bandosian, then order should be the last thing on your mind. Fight in a chaotic battle and be spared from the puny Blue God’s wrath on all non-human non-icyene wrath.

Seren is as far from this conflict as possible. However, the elves her children must find unification before one is wiped out. Alongside that, it would be impossible for Seren to spread her beauty towards the human areas, thinking of her as corrupting a ‘pure Saradominist’ world.’

Alongside that, Zamorak is still a mystery. The only true personality we see from him is only in the book of gods. In the end, he seems to be the best candidate for an evolving Runescape Money.

The godless logo:redesigned

Iv been doing agility for past 6 weeks and people are bringing avatars into the agility course which is fine but its starting to be annoying as clicking on the next obstacle as the avatar is big enough to block it i normally say can you speed up or get rid of it they only answer with gives me extra exp or it stops bots but the avatar is slowing down my exp per hour. Buy Runescape Gold can you limit the places avatars can go i know allot of my friends who do agility feel same way so i hope you can change this.

Personally, I’m not really impressed by the logo of The Godless faction or the Orange and Yellow colour scheme. I’m not really sure what it’s trying to symbolise. I think it should be changed:

What should the Logo be?

I personally think that The Godless logo should be Guthix’s old logo, and the colours should be a grey and green colour scheme, green being the background and grey being the colour of the logo.

Why Guthix’s Logo?
Since Guthix is dead, he has no further use for his symbol of Godhood. Since the Founder of The Godless was an Ex-Guthixian Druid he could’ve used Guthix’s logo to represent his will that there should be no gods on Gielinor.

Why Grey and Green?

I think that grey and green are more neutral colours, compared to Orange and yellow.
Green is the middle colour in the Light Spectrum and shows a pH of 7 (out of 14) in chemistry, for example.
The colour of the title would also be changed to Grey:

Runescape 2007 Gold

[Player Name] of the Godless

This is my personal opinion. Who knows? It might be accepted!
Thank You for reading!

Time continium runescape problem

Basically something that was overlooked, i think. one of the emissaries, relomia I believe she’s called, tells about sliske having killed guthix (and thus ascending godhood). now this is a small problem seeing that I did not start the world wakes quest yet (let alone complete it) so guthix must still be alive.

Essentially, for most of the quests in the game, they now take place in the past, and we’re meant to view them as some kind of “flashback” as to what we’ve already experienced.

TWW is the biggest example of this, but Guthix being dead is now considered something that all players (and most NPCs) know about.

This was done, supposedly, to allow for an overall story progression that all players can be a part of, for which the RS 3 Gold community as a whole can decide the future of.

The upcoming Battle of Lumbridge for example, will be content in which the community as a whole can decide the outcome of. How exactly it’ll work is unknown as of yet, but it seems exciting! This should be starting in a few days, so we’ll see what happens 🙂

But that really cool sounding update future does make for confusion about currently existing quests. As far as I’m aware there’s not an easy way to tell which quests are in the 5th age (the age we used to be in) and the 6th age (the age we’re in now, post-Guthix’s death)

Runescape sound keeps crashing

I’ve had the Sound/Music from the game crash on me as well.

Had to log out completely, close the client and then re-open the game client just to get the Sound/Music to work again for a few minutes before it crashes again.

I did that just so I could hear the sound/music when I got 99 Constitution on Tuesday my time (Wednesday Jagex time).

Hopefully it’ll be fixed by the time RS 3 Gold is released.

The past few days I’ve been having a constant issue with my sound. When I log in, everythings fine, but then as soon as I get a spot of lag or change areas, all the sound cuts out, as if I’ve muted the game. The only way I can get it back is reloading runescape.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m playing in Chrome on the live game (EOC) and have all sounds set to highest. I’m on lowest detail in fixed screen mode (to reduce lag, and I don’t like fullscreen mode).

Any advice on a fix or is this at Jagex’s end?

Ok, good to hear. I checked around and didn’t find any threads with my issue, that’s why I posted.

This is really lame though, I like the sound on RS, and like to have RS music playing during skilling/pvm.