Need armadyl boss solo help

I have been wanting to solo the armadyl boss for a while now but, I am not sure how I would go about it in the EOC. My armor set up is-

Helm- Arma (Possibly saving for pernix)

Ammy- Ranging ammy

Body- Arma chestplate (Possibly saving for pernix)

Legs- Arma chainskirt (Possibly saving for pernix)

Boots- Glaivens

Gloves- Arma

Weapon- Zaryte

Cape- 99 Skill cape

Aura- Vampyrism/Penance

Ring- ROW

My skills are –

Range- 95

Defense- 99

Summoning- 96

Herb- 99

What would I use in my inventory for soloing? Since brews aren’t good anymore would I go with rocktails?

Also- Would it be worth it for me to do dom tower and get dreadnips? I have like 100 something boss kills atm.see if u can swop ammy for murmur or zealot if ur 95 prayer (amazina ammy for solo)
i use rock tail soups or rocktail and a uni, i bring 2 uni pouches 4 soups and rest prayer flask with vampire aura