Runescape some if not most people constantly changing their name

Nice idea! Do you mind if I quote your idea onto my post Zefferis V2 so its all on the same post? Thanks for the support too!You need to buy runescape gold.

With some if not most people constantly changing their name I think it would be easier if we could customize our friends name. For example if I had a friend named “qrtuikjysx45” and they changed their name every 28 days and lost track of who they were I could customize it to the name I met them as or if I knew them in real life I could make it say John or something. I’m starting to lose track of the people I meet in game because they always change their name and I hate asking where I met them or how I know them, I think its a bit weird and sorta rude so with that feature you can avoid all the trouble of tracking down a friend you met at a minigame awhile ago or finding your friends name. This could also help with ranks in friends chats so they don’t lose track of their ranks and forget who they were. I think it would be a nice idea and same may think otherwise. Support anyone?

That’d be a fantastic addition; Also a nice addition could be adding a “Note” to a friend’s name in the list as well, that way you can add where you met, when, for what purpose etc. I know we have a note feature, but that becomes useless if the player changes his or her name.