Runescape Eoc was not needed

Eoc is no fun .
making game easy with action bars , and adding abilities to take the place of stats , where once players had what they worked for and use it in combat,
now a noob in rags only needs the very basic to unlock the needed abilities and go rush/bad mouthing older players 1hit ko like I ben reading ,what a joke .

Isn’t it smarter to go after what the majority of the players want? There was not even close to near enough feedback when the first thread about the EoC came, people were complaining, ALOT more then even the majority didn’t want this to happen. The beta-worlds wasn’t even going over 300-400 players. That’s not feedback Jagex.

Now don’t tell me, 2007’s here go play it. No, RuneScape gold would be much better with all players into the actual same game. Now there’s two different versions. The majority don’t want 2007 either, i think that the most popular content-year was 2009-2010, with BH/PVP worlds & the Trade limit, where there was no RWT and the game itself felt much more legit.

RuneScape could be updated alot more even with the old-combat system.
Compare Oldschool RuneScape to pre-eoc 2012-2013, there’s a HUGE difference.
Weapons could look different, weapons could hit different, weapons could work different, interfaces could be changed, more HD content could be added for example (Npc’s could’ve looked more high-detail), new quests… new activities… new weapons… new content… same with armour… ALOT COULD’VE BEEN CHANGED.


1. One game, the actual EoC. Would be pre-eoc 2012-2013, and that Jagex would just keep updating the game normally (But focus more on content ”Game-affectable updates would the community have to decide”)
OR go back to the content-year wanted (Best Option)

2. OldSchool RuneScape would be updated to the content-year that the majority of the community want. (But focus more on content ”Game-affectable updates would the community have to decide”)

We’ve tried to walk through un-wanted content, but we can’t walk through this one.

//80% + Of The Community

I would love to see a vote hosted by Jagex with the following question… (Everyone would be able to vote, BUT accounts created in the last couple months)

Do you rather prefer pre-EoC or EoC?

I can bet my life that over 80% + of the total community would rather have Pre-EoC.

As he said, there’s no fun with abilities such as stun, then spamming other abilities until you got overpower which will deal thousands of dammage, it’s like doing 360’s jumping around swinging your weapon everywere like crazy and do crazy ammount of dammage that’s just a joke. (Melee case), Ranged & Magic works just the same, but with other abilities.

Imagine the old combat system with HD-content constantly added to the game instead of EoC.The combat sytem made RuneScape unique, RuneScape money has since lost that status.