Stealing creation community

Hello Jagex! hopefully you can hear me out! i’m not here to complain or talk about making a pre-EOC server 2012, blah, blah. i’m here to help the community a bit. ok all these updates which are great but some mini game aren’t build for these update. what i mean is some mini games require more item’s to make the minigame at least a chance to fight back, i’m here to talk about one mini game, Stealing Creation(SC) the mini game pre-EOC was amazing everyone loved it, clans, where their fighthing each other to be top best.

Now ever since eoc, i’m not saying anything bad, but ever since eoc the items don’t feel eoc base, you added wands and shields and all this other amazing gear for high and low players, but not on stealing creation. i’m here to bring back the Stealing Creation community. i’m not saying bring back pre-Eoc servers but, add better items to the mini game or if not ask the players themselves! for which items they would like to put in, in the minigame, and maybe balance some of the gear out. so if you can take this into consideration. hopefully you hear me, and hopefully if you do listen to me, that the Stealing Creation Community can come back! they might not like eoc but maybe with new gear or using more skills to gather C5 clay they can give it a chance, to make fighting a gather fun. making fighting fair and gather fun with a challenge. thank you for your time!!