Now u go to buy lots of silk from him for about 3gp runescape item each

Do you trade with the silk trader in game? If you do not, you may go to the silk trader in AL-Kharid. In that place, you will achieve your trading dream and also you can get a lot of runescape gold as your reward. This is also good for you to level up and get some experience during your playing. If you r still interested in this task, you can keep doing this job until you feel bored. It is also an amazing progress during your game.

Now u go to buy lots of silk from him for about 3gp runescape item each. Then you go to another store outside of AL-Kharid and sell for at least 12gp runescape money each. This guide helps a lot of people to make their dream come true. If you want to be rich, you may continue to do this kind of jobs or tasks, you will get a lot of experience, game weapons and other equipment. i read many tips about this one, many players use this skill.

If you are a mem and you also have more than 350k gold. You should go to world 2 and buy black mystic full. But you may take a while to do this, because you only buy one for each time. Then when you buy 90-100k hat gloves and boots for 50-60k each. You can sell for much gold finally. If you buy them cheaper, you certainly gain more amount of buy runescape gold than before. Once you buy the full set, you can sell it for about 450k that can be 100k profit. So don’t you think it is a profitable deal? You can do it for a short time and then when you fell tired, you can have a rest to do other easy job such as mine the iron or cook some food. But these tasks also help you for many experience in cooking and mining. Any effort all bring you much wealth in the future. Just cheer up!