Need armadyl boss solo help

I have been wanting to solo the armadyl boss for a while now but, I am not sure how I would go about it in the EOC. My armor set up is-

Helm- Arma (Possibly saving for pernix)

Ammy- Ranging ammy

Body- Arma chestplate (Possibly saving for pernix)

Legs- Arma chainskirt (Possibly saving for pernix)

Boots- Glaivens

Gloves- Arma

Weapon- Zaryte

Cape- 99 Skill cape

Aura- Vampyrism/Penance

Ring- ROW

My skills are –

Range- 95

Defense- 99

Summoning- 96

Herb- 99

What would I use in my inventory for soloing? Since brews aren’t good anymore would I go with rocktails?

Also- Would it be worth it for me to do dom tower and get dreadnips? I have like 100 something boss kills atm.see if u can swop ammy for murmur or zealot if ur 95 prayer (amazina ammy for solo)
i use rock tail soups or rocktail and a uni, i bring 2 uni pouches 4 soups and rest prayer flask with vampire aura

Runescape some if not most people constantly changing their name

Nice idea! Do you mind if I quote your idea onto my post Zefferis V2 so its all on the same post? Thanks for the support too!You need to buy runescape gold.

With some if not most people constantly changing their name I think it would be easier if we could customize our friends name. For example if I had a friend named “qrtuikjysx45” and they changed their name every 28 days and lost track of who they were I could customize it to the name I met them as or if I knew them in real life I could make it say John or something. I’m starting to lose track of the people I meet in game because they always change their name and I hate asking where I met them or how I know them, I think its a bit weird and sorta rude so with that feature you can avoid all the trouble of tracking down a friend you met at a minigame awhile ago or finding your friends name. This could also help with ranks in friends chats so they don’t lose track of their ranks and forget who they were. I think it would be a nice idea and same may think otherwise. Support anyone?

That’d be a fantastic addition; Also a nice addition could be adding a “Note” to a friend’s name in the list as well, that way you can add where you met, when, for what purpose etc. I know we have a note feature, but that becomes useless if the player changes his or her name.

Runescape Eoc was not needed

Eoc is no fun .
making game easy with action bars , and adding abilities to take the place of stats , where once players had what they worked for and use it in combat,
now a noob in rags only needs the very basic to unlock the needed abilities and go rush/bad mouthing older players 1hit ko like I ben reading ,what a joke .

Isn’t it smarter to go after what the majority of the players want? There was not even close to near enough feedback when the first thread about the EoC came, people were complaining, ALOT more then even the majority didn’t want this to happen. The beta-worlds wasn’t even going over 300-400 players. That’s not feedback Jagex.

Now don’t tell me, 2007’s here go play it. No, RuneScape gold would be much better with all players into the actual same game. Now there’s two different versions. The majority don’t want 2007 either, i think that the most popular content-year was 2009-2010, with BH/PVP worlds & the Trade limit, where there was no RWT and the game itself felt much more legit.

RuneScape could be updated alot more even with the old-combat system.
Compare Oldschool RuneScape to pre-eoc 2012-2013, there’s a HUGE difference.
Weapons could look different, weapons could hit different, weapons could work different, interfaces could be changed, more HD content could be added for example (Npc’s could’ve looked more high-detail), new quests… new activities… new weapons… new content… same with armour… ALOT COULD’VE BEEN CHANGED.


1. One game, the actual EoC. Would be pre-eoc 2012-2013, and that Jagex would just keep updating the game normally (But focus more on content ”Game-affectable updates would the community have to decide”)
OR go back to the content-year wanted (Best Option)

2. OldSchool RuneScape would be updated to the content-year that the majority of the community want. (But focus more on content ”Game-affectable updates would the community have to decide”)

We’ve tried to walk through un-wanted content, but we can’t walk through this one.

//80% + Of The Community

I would love to see a vote hosted by Jagex with the following question… (Everyone would be able to vote, BUT accounts created in the last couple months)

Do you rather prefer pre-EoC or EoC?

I can bet my life that over 80% + of the total community would rather have Pre-EoC.

As he said, there’s no fun with abilities such as stun, then spamming other abilities until you got overpower which will deal thousands of dammage, it’s like doing 360’s jumping around swinging your weapon everywere like crazy and do crazy ammount of dammage that’s just a joke. (Melee case), Ranged & Magic works just the same, but with other abilities.

Imagine the old combat system with HD-content constantly added to the game instead of EoC.The combat sytem made RuneScape unique, RuneScape money has since lost that status.

Stealing creation community

Hello Jagex! hopefully you can hear me out! i’m not here to complain or talk about making a pre-EOC server 2012, blah, blah. i’m here to help the community a bit. ok all these updates which are great but some mini game aren’t build for these update. what i mean is some mini games require more item’s to make the minigame at least a chance to fight back, i’m here to talk about one mini game, Stealing Creation(SC) the mini game pre-EOC was amazing everyone loved it, clans, where their fighthing each other to be top best.

Now ever since eoc, i’m not saying anything bad, but ever since eoc the items don’t feel eoc base, you added wands and shields and all this other amazing gear for high and low players, but not on stealing creation. i’m here to bring back the Stealing Creation community. i’m not saying bring back pre-Eoc servers but, add better items to the mini game or if not ask the players themselves! for which items they would like to put in, in the minigame, and maybe balance some of the gear out. so if you can take this into consideration. hopefully you hear me, and hopefully if you do listen to me, that the Stealing Creation Community can come back! they might not like eoc but maybe with new gear or using more skills to gather C5 clay they can give it a chance, to make fighting a gather fun. making fighting fair and gather fun with a challenge. thank you for your time!!

How can I get hold of the Aurora armour?

Purchase any new 3 month RuneScape 2007  gold member subscription package between 1st June and 31st of July to bag yourself the awe-inspiring aurora armour!To get hold of the fiery aurora armour, just grab three months of membership through any payment method before the 31st July!

Which payment methods can I use?

Any payment method which can be used to buy 3 months of membership at once, including: credit card, PayPal, PayByCash, Pre-Paid Game Card (Red), iDeal and more! Check out the billing payment page to see all of the options available in your country.

Note that PayBySMS/Boku cannot be used to pay for 3 months of membership, so isn’t eligible for this promotion.

I’ve paid for 3 months of membership automatically through my subscription, but I don’t have the armour!

The aurora armour is only granted to players who start a new subscription – having your subscription re-bill you for three months will not award the outfit.

I’m on a one month/six month subscription – can I have the armour?

The aurora outfit is only granted to players who set up a three month subscription, so buying one, six or twelve month packages won’t grant the outfit. Don’t worry – three months is easy to set up by heading to the billing payment page! Hit the three month package, set up your payment, and your aurora armour will be waiting! Any membership already purchased will be stacked on top, and your loyalty rate and loyalty programme will remain unchanged.

Do I need to cancel my one month/six month subscription when I buy a three month one?

No – as soon as you set up a new subscription, your old subscription will be automatically cancelled and the new one will replace it.

I bought 3 months of membership, but I can’t find my aurora armour!

The armour can be found in the Customisation Interface – under full outfits – or you can choose to equip each piece individually. For extra info on how to don your fancy new armour, be sure to check the handy link here.

What does the outfit consist of?

You’ll get the aurora helm, body, legs, gauntlets and boots. You’ll also get the mighty aurora longsword – a single handed blade with the rising sun at its hilt and a flame effect!

What happens if I don’t grab the outfit by the 31st July?

Don’t worry, we’ll not leave you high and dry! In the future, the aurora armour will become available as a separate purchase through Solomon’s Store.Of course, the best way to get your hands on the armour is to subscribe for three months before the end of July and get it for free! Are there any payment methods that don’t work?The Aurora Armour is currently available through all payment methods that offer a 3 month membership purchase!

These events are usually strengthened by some kind of reward or prize

Eventing is ruined, or severely restricted at its best, and we’re left with no other options to choose. Jagex has changed the roots of their game, Most trusted gold site to buy rs gold cheap and get cheap runescape gold fast delivery from. I have bought gold there a lot, it is always cheapest runescape money as I buy with fast delivery, but for now, my hopes are gloomy and so is the future of Runescape.

This is no different for Runescape, and we’ll learn that lesson the hard way in the months following January. Though, in all fairness, I’m extremely biased when it comes to this specific update. As the leader of Zybez Events, I tend to create and host a wide array of events every so often.

These events are usually strengthened by some kind of reward or prize, as an incentive for people to log in and show up. Trading and Runescape: two inseparable concepts, or so it seemed. will severely limit the trading element of this game, and what does that mean?

You will no longer be able to sell or buy anything at a higher or lower price, with the margin being Yes, I’m afraid it will become a reality and there’s little we can do to prevent it from happening. Jagex won’t be repelled, they won’t be deterred. This thing is coming, whether or not we like it.That is why our reputation has been widely spread among our customers by word of mouth. Small profit and good service really get us a large amount of sales volume.

In our most challenging minigame in Cheap runescape gold yet

In our most challenging minigame in Cheap runescape gold yet, you’ll be asked to sacrifice your fire cape once before even stepping through the door! To encourage you to give our new updates a go, we will be offering a pretty handy skill boost to those of you who master the content within two weeks of launch. Get double XP rewards for completing the quest, and another 70,000 XP if you reach wave 30 of the Fight Kiln within this two week Early Bird period to gold.

Rolo the Stout of runescape account is an unscrupulous merchant who is taking advantage of the plight of Taverley’s inhabitants to turn a quick profit, and whose one weakness is a finely crafted short crust. Grit your teeth in Cheap runescape money, hold your nose and belay your culinary sensibilities to wreak vengeance upon this rotund racketeer’s digestive system.

with the quality and storyline of the rest of the area. If you’ve completed these quests before, you’ll still be able to play the new versions and will receive the rewards at the end, although you won’t receive any additional quest points. Wolf Whistle and Druidic Ritual are no longer requirements for training Summoning and Herblore, and Death Plateau is no longer a requirement for smithing claws to Buy runescape money .The lava is cooling in the TzHaar City of runescape, and the Birthing Pools are full of TzHaar that are born without memories. Only an ancient power, The Elder Kiln, can offer an answer but it has not been visited by the TzHaar since the world was formed to Cheap runescape account. Reveal the secrets behind TokKul, and engage with a storyline that satisfies both the lore and combat-craving players among us.

This new master runescape item level quest will have requirements of 75 Magic, 60 Agility and 41 Mining, and will require some refined combat abilities to reach a conclusion where you’ll face multiple creatures of around combat level 300. There are no other quest prerequisites, so anyone with the relevant stats can join the fight.Rewards for completing the quest will include XP, a new ring that increases combat damage when engaging in sport  with the creatures of the TzHaar City, and a brand new title. Last, but by no means least you will gain access to the Fight Kiln minigame to runescape account.

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Well, the Hexcrest does that for magic, while the Focus Sight works with Ranged. Combine them all with the materials from the old Slayer Helmet and create the ultimate Slayer Helmet! and that means the ice strykewrym is currently the highest slayer monster in RuneScape!

And with a combat level of 220, and a total amount of 300 hitpoints, this strykewyrm is not a darling at all! To make it even more high-leveled content-like, you need to own a firecape in order to get the ice strykewrym as a slayer task from Kuradal only, and on top of that, you need to wear it as well, in order to damage him!

After that, three new slayer monsters, the strykewryms, emerged out of the ground, ready to be fought by any brave slayer. The duck was sent out for a mission to rate the wryms, You may choose to progress the regular way, and may choose to boost your in game progress since to buy runescape item means to have instant access to the items and weapons you need, short delivery time,That’s right; we got another high-level content update, something which is always welcome!

You begin as a no-rank newbie and must earn a hundred rank points to advance

I’m sure that Jagex put a lot of work in to this, and I’ll give the game the benefit of the doubt by reminding you all that they have only released the first quarter of the game, and I’ll admit that the franticness caught my attention for a few minutes, but it’s not enough to last.Here is your best choice to provide the runescape 2007 gold when you need it. We have enough stock to provide 7*24 Service for each runescape player.

Rewards are even more laughable. You begin as a no-rank newbie and must earn a hundred rank points to advance, with five levels total. However, you can only get a maximum of two rank points per game, and since you can sit in the waiting room for nearly three listens of We Are the Champions,As usual, you begin with a tutorial on the fine art of clicking, and the tutor explains the subtleties of the game.

There are none. He then explains the few other things that you can do. You’ve basically only got one realistic option: order your armies to kick the pants off the other armies. You can choose to purchase contracts for either the light or heavy variety of goblin, elfish, and dwarfish mercenary groups, which are the only three squad types out so far. You can also buy super-weapons for a much steeper price, which can dish out instant and massive damage on both the opposing army and yours.

they would be releasing a mini game that actually required cunning and strategic prowess, which sounds like an echo from their Fist of Guthix sales pitch. MUCH later , Mobilizing Armies has finally been released.  only one of four modes is out, and by golly, we’d better hope they’re better than what we have here. I suggest you prepare enough runescape money first. As we know, no matter what changes will be made in the game and no matter you are a green hand or a veteran, runescape gold is still essential for playing the game.

Now u go to buy lots of silk from him for about 3gp runescape item each

Do you trade with the silk trader in game? If you do not, you may go to the silk trader in AL-Kharid. In that place, you will achieve your trading dream and also you can get a lot of runescape gold as your reward. This is also good for you to level up and get some experience during your playing. If you r still interested in this task, you can keep doing this job until you feel bored. It is also an amazing progress during your game.

Now u go to buy lots of silk from him for about 3gp runescape item each. Then you go to another store outside of AL-Kharid and sell for at least 12gp runescape money each. This guide helps a lot of people to make their dream come true. If you want to be rich, you may continue to do this kind of jobs or tasks, you will get a lot of experience, game weapons and other equipment. i read many tips about this one, many players use this skill.

If you are a mem and you also have more than 350k gold. You should go to world 2 and buy black mystic full. But you may take a while to do this, because you only buy one for each time. Then when you buy 90-100k hat gloves and boots for 50-60k each. You can sell for much gold finally. If you buy them cheaper, you certainly gain more amount of buy runescape gold than before. Once you buy the full set, you can sell it for about 450k that can be 100k profit. So don’t you think it is a profitable deal? You can do it for a short time and then when you fell tired, you can have a rest to do other easy job such as mine the iron or cook some food. But these tasks also help you for many experience in cooking and mining. Any effort all bring you much wealth in the future. Just cheer up!