The player defence against magical attacks in Runescape

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Ever since RuneScape HD’s release, failed spells will sometimes fly straight up instead of splashing and disappearing as usual.If a player is far enough from their target, their spells will take longer to reach their opponent than an attack cycle, leading them to fire another spell before the first spell hit. This can sometimes lead to a spell being in the air when the opponent dies, effectively wasting a cast.

This is especially likely in Daemonheim for players who use a Blitzer ring to cast spells at a faster rate than normal.Spells will change directions to hit targets that move or teleport.The higher a player’s Magic level is, the more they become resistant to being hit by magical attacks, regardless of the combat style the player is using to attack. This applies to both combat with NPC’s and in PvP areas.

A player’s defence against magical attacks is based on 70% of their magic level and 30% of their defence level.Whilst fighting in the Duel Arena, if your opponent dies before a spell reaches them, the spell will sometimes appear in the lobby. Normally it will then hit for 0, however there are occasions when the spell will simply follow you, like a familiar.

However, it can also pass through or over obstacles which would normally stop familiars. The spell will eventually disappear. If the player who is being followed teleports away, the spell will remain behind, but will point in the direction of the player.

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