So we are getting RuneScape version 3 this summer

Myself I am mostly looking forward to two of the things mentioned within the video:

1. The new graphics. Judging by those pictures we will be able to explore and experience the world in a much grander way. Probably our ability to interact with the world will be enrichen as well. Runescape 2007 Gold.

2. The ability to change the world through our own actions and decisions. Now it is time for the sixth age, and we players will be able to form the future. This couldn’t get more epic.

So we are getting RuneScape version 3 this summer. Certainly this will be one of the biggest updates to the game we have seen and it will a huge impact on pretty much everything. RS 2007 GoldIt will be great to see what Jagex have up their sleeves for this, more than just the technical aspects (even though those are certainly interesting as well).