Putting restrictions on items in the wilderness is silly

I have a feeling Jagex doesn’t exactly want to re-add old updates any differently than the way they originally were. And by that I mean nerfing weapons such as the godswords. As a PvMer and PKer, I see both the pros and cons. Changing godswords completely would be content exclusive to 07 which kind of takes away the point of the game which was only intended as the same game in 2007, meaning godswords would be overpowered, ruining the wilderness yet again. runescape 2007 gold.

This is extremely ironic, if idiotic suggestions like this one were to be implemented we’ll have another eoc runescape in a year max.

People wanted 07scape so they could play the game how it was played in 2007. And now that we got it, posts like these pop up offering to implement garbage that ruined the game in the first place. This is depressing. I really hope Jagex stays true to their word and leave osrs as is.

If they add it, I won’t complain and I’ll probably work my butt off for skills to go there but if they don’t add it, I completely understand Jagex’s decision.

All in all I’m against the idea.