Proudly reveal the upgraded auras in Runescape

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There is something for everyone with this fresh batch, and the auras are no exception. We can proudly reveal the upgraded auras, which improve the abilities of auras that you may have purchased from the first batch. Got a Sharpshooter aura? We’ve even taken the opportunity to revise the Poison Purge aura, which heals you when you get poisoned.

There’s the Resourceful aura which, when you would normally deplete a woodcutting or mining resource, will instead offer a 10% chance that it will not deplete. It increases all experience gained by 2.5% for 30 minutes every 24 hours.For information on new and existing auras, click here.Beyond the auras are four new costume types.We also offer the ability to purchase recolours of your gnome scarves, lunar equipment and staves of light.

While you’re there, you’ll likely notice the revised Members’ Loyalty Programme store, which gives you an attractive and intuitive layout from which you can make your purchases.It seems Xuan’s store has been successful, as another one has popped up in Varrock!You may notice some changes to your emotes inte Activities such Fletching and alchemy are no longer prevented in citadels.

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