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We set up our servers to be as basic as possible and run only what is required. We do have a contractor party who carries out penetration testing on a regular basis. While this policy has proved to be fairly successful up to now, he believes the government is not doing enough to protect UK IT businesses from cyber crime.

Just like you have to lock your car when parked, or lock and alarm your home when you leave, you are also expected to secure your own IT infrastructure applications and information.The game itself runs on an internet browser, which makes it playable on a vast array of systems.

There is also some use of intrinsics to do some heavily optimised software rasterisation, for people who have strange graphics drivers or who find they get better performance from this, which tends to be the case on some netbooks.Running virtual worlds that allow millions of people to run around, killing dragons, interacting and trading with one another creates a vast torrent of data.

The game analysts sit and work closely with developers and designers to create the best possible game experience. We have an analyst supporting this project full time, putting hard numbers behind the ideas and improvements to make the biggest leaps forward in the shortest time.Smith extolls the virtues of SQL as his data management tool of choice.

This fits with our use of relational databases and Hadoop Hive, and we’ve found Excel to be an extremely accessible standard for consuming data. We also use complementary technologies like R and Pig for data mining. Meanwhile Jagex, one of the firms at the bleeding edge of big data exploitation, is examining the information that comes from people sitting at their computers shooting arrows at goblins and baking virtual cakes.

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