Aong with its full collection of boss monster in RuneScape

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All quests are now available for testing. Players will be able to start and complete any quests available to their live character. The Dominion Tower – along with its full collection of boss monsters – is now available for testing.

In the new combat system, this mechanic no longer worked for melee players, so we have changed the way the Attacker role works slightly. While playing a wave, Attackers will notice 4 new abilities appear in the Constitution section of their ability book. These abilities represent different fighting stances and the correct one must be used to overcome your penance foes.

These abilities can be dragged to your action-bar for easier use. However, bear in mind that they only function within Barbarian Assault.Once you have built up enough adrenaline you can use Momentum to increase your auto-attack damage by a significant amount. However, using another ability will deactivate Momentum. The idea behind this new ability is to give players a less input-intensive way to grind through long Slayer tasks.

After listening to your feedback about the old ability book, we have taken the opportunity to completely re-design the ability book to make it more user-friendly and prettier to look at!Your feedback while playing the beta is vitally important to us, and we are not afraid to make big changes based on your feedback. Please – keep on playing and sending us your thoughts!

Our developers are super-keen to get your feedback on the Stealing Creation event this weekend, so they’d really appreciate your help in testing it out by playing a game or two and then letting us know what you think via in-game bug reports and forum-based feedback. This will be held in early September and will function as a catch-up event, so if you missed an item unlock activity, you’ll be able to complete it then in order to get access to the complete Mad Scientist Outfit.

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