I don’t know many people that would do this to train herblore

To be honest, i don’t know many people that would do this to train herblore.
40k-60k per hour is slow.
I don’t know if people are like me.. but i don’t train herblore to make money.
I’m currently making magic potions (3) from lantadyme potions (unf) and potato cactus.
Per 1k of potions made = (right now) 3.3mil loss.

For efficiency, not to mention making money, this is a very good guide.
I just don’t think many people will use it for herblore training purposes.
If money is an issue, you shouldn’t be training herblore.

why is the banking time longer?
you just withdraw all-logs
it’s not like you withdraw 1 law rune 3 air runes 1 fire rune every time.
just keep a lot of teleport tabs/runes at all times.

anyways you can afford to kill 1 slot for a teleport tab.
If you don’t use this technique, you need to run the ~28 tiles you go when you burn 28 logs.
you can run 2 tiles in 1 game tick (0.6 seconds)
that’s 8.4 seconds of running unless you reverse firemake.

Varrock tele is definitely worth it. 8.4 seconds is a lot.
And reverse firemaking is ridiculously click intensive.