The game RuneScapes is of the most

There is something about elderly Norse mythology & their lifestyle which makes them universally admired & sought after, apparently it’s something which appeals to everyone from anywhere on the globe. Whether you are a diehard Lord of the Rings fan or love the  unpronounceable names, it is not surprise that hundreds of game franchises have mushroomed throughout the net & capitalize on this obsession. Of all these franchises, the game RuneScapes is of the most, if not, the most popular.

I will start with the cheapest, Karil, karil uses a 2 handed crossbow, in the barrow, fighting him he hits fast and hard and his shots can reduce your agility, losing agility is no big deal unless you use the shortcut to get to the temple on the Salve to pray between runs.

I only use his armour when fighting mage based monsters, Bloodvelds, Infernal mages, Aberrant Specters etc. I do not wear the coif as the Mind helmet has better mage defence, his crossbow has little use because bolt racks are dear and can only be won in barrows bought from an npc in the port Phasmytus (sp) or players, it is a popular weapon for the fight caves mini game.

Ahrims I never use the staff as the special reduces your opponents strength, when using mage I don’t get hit anyway so its pretty pointless. I wear it when doing slayer tasks that require mage to attack, metal dragons mainly, it is also the unofficial uniform for ancient mages.

Torag, Torags armour has the best defence of all in Runescape, the helmet is the most important part of the set as this has the greatest defence bonus compared to other melee armour, I never use the hammers they hit fairly hard but they are very slow and are 2 handed so you can not wear a shield, the special reduces run energy so may be useful in the wildy but not recommended as an attack means, full Torag with whip and rune defender is a mean setup.

Every Kingdom, region and city has its own tasks – monsters to kill, people to save and friends to make so there has to be some hierarchy in place so that things don’t go haywire. You will start in a secluded location where you will be taken through the tutorial (a very essential part of the game since there’s way lots of basic features to understand in case you start playing). One time you finish the tutorial you will be equipped only with the most basic skills necessary for RunScapes, part of the fun on the game is that there’s so lots of advanced features that you spend months or even years figuring all of them out. After moving in to a town you will have access to advisers and tutors who will give you advise and knowledge about your skills.