If RS players aspire to complete this quest

If RS players aspire to complete this quest and gain RS money basically, browse the following words. Your RS exploration and adventures will start! First off, speak to Denulth in the village of Burthorpe and get him how the battle with the Trolls has gone. The fight has not gone so well, and Dunstan’s son Godric continues to be captured by the Troll army. Inquire in case you can help, and then tell him that you will get Godric back, since you were the who got him in to the Imperial Guard in the first place.

Before you head off to the Stronghold, you are going to require a pair of Climbing Boots. In the event you do not already have a pair, follow the road north of Denulth’s house to the west, after which head southwest to Tenzing’s house when the road ends. Inquire in the event you can buy some Climbing Boots, and that they will sell you a pair for 12gp. You may even require to bring some food, as well as some Restore Prayer Potions for those who have a high Prayer to make use of Protect From Melee. If players don’t have food, you ought to buy with RS gold from merchants.

After you have your supplies, climb over the Stile behind Tenzing’s house and stick to the path north before you come to some rocks blocking the right path further north. Climb over them and head east, climbing within the two rock piles until you reach the Arena Entrance. Open the door and a Troll named Dad  says that you need to defeat him before passing. Speak with him and accept his duel.

Dad can hit you for over 25 points of damage, and he could also knock you back. Having the Protect From Melee prayer could make this battle easier, and he will give up when he has no hits left. You can now go through the northeast gate, but be cautious about the level 69 and 71 Mountain Trolls through the area. If players would like to get strength of attacking and protecting, you should purchase weapons and cloth with RuneScape gold.

Enter through the cave after the path, run past the Trolls and exit the cave in the other end. Now walk across the path before you find some rocks on the side blocking the path. Instead of climbing them, make use of your Protect From Range prayer and run beyond the Thrower Trolls. Continue beyond the Mountain Trolls to the far north of the room, walk up the ramp and enter the Stronghold.

The Stronghold Once inside, head south to the door, open it up and attack the Troll General  to the north. The overall can easily attack for more than 33 points of harm, so having the Protect From Melee prayer or very good food is essential. Once you kill him, pick up the Prison Key that he drops and head south, out of the door and on the stairs. Now go north to unlock the Prison Door, and then head downstairs to the jail.Go southwest to locate several jail cells, in addition to level 71 sleeping guards: Twig and Berry. For those who have 30 Thieving, you can pickpocket them – otherwise, you’ll require to kill them with this last part of the quest. Pickpocket or kill Twig for Cell Key one to unlock Godric’s cell, after which pickpocket or kill Berry for Cell Key two to open Eadgar’s cell. Now return to Dunstan to complete the quest!