There’ll be special guests

We heard about of a really nice Christmassy idea from community member Will Miss It today. He wants to make a Community Christmas video featuring as many members of the RuneScape Community as possible.

It’s a lovely concept and something we’re really keen to help make happen. So, send us your super short video wishing your fellow Gielinorians a Merry Christmas  by December 20th and we’ll get them all over to Will Miss It so that he can make his great idea a reality. Your mini vids can be made with your phone camera, your webcam or anything else that able to capture that Christmas spirit. There’s already a queue of J-mods waiting to take part, so it would be great to get as many of you involved as possible!

You can find full details of how to get your message to Will Miss It, via us, over on a thread we’ve created, which you’ll find here.

There’ll be special guests, costumes, mince pies and plenty of opportunity to watch your favourite JMods squirm uncomfortably for your viewing pleasure. Throughout the stream, you’ll be able to vote for the JMod you’d like to see perform the final challenge. Of course, the JMods will be doing their best to avoid it.

I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the rounds will see the JMods doing their best to guess community opinions on certain topics. Before they can do that, of course, we need to gather those community opinions! To get involved, just click this link and complete the survey.

The Christmas Live Stream will be launching at 8pm GMT on our YouTube channel. Hope to see you there.

To coincide with the grand release of Player-Owned Ports, Admiral Yelps has dug deep into his treasure chest and pulled out a fortune in gold – it’s going straight onto the newly nautical Squeal of Fortune and is up for grabs this weekend!