The land of RuneScape is interfering with other events

With the expanding of its borders, the land of RuneScape is interfering with all the other events in the universe. As strange as may it sound, the shooting stars crashing into the land of RuneScape are part of a new Distractions And Diversions mini-game. This mini-game offers a new way of training your mining skill. Check your telescopes to predict where the next star might land.


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Locating The Star:

We recommend to do this in a clan chat with a group. Have teleports available to the other locations and each person cover one location in the potential area. Have one person in their Player Owned House checking with the best telescope available. When the star has landed, either quickly check the area you are in or move to where the star has landed. If you are trying to cover an area by yourself then have a route planned and all items needed to get there at hand. Do not forget your pickaxe and any stardust you may have in the bank. Many areas need quests or items to access, so be sure you can go to where the star lands before you decide to star hunt.

Kingdom of Asgarnia:

Items Needed/Recommended: A Falador teleport, Brown apron, and a Skills necklace.

  • Crafting guild mine (40 Crafting and a Brown apron required to access)
  • Mine west of Falador, near the crumbled wall
  • Rimmington mine
  • Southeast of Falador’s eastern bank, near the mining guild

Kingdom of Kandarin:

Items Needed/Recommended: A Watchtower teleport, Ardougne teleport, Camelot teleport, Combat bracelet(4) OR a Skills necklace.

Fairy Rings: BLR (near Legends’ Guild mine), and CLS (Hazelmere’s peninsula, near Yanille).

  • Coal Trucks mine
  • Monastery mine, south of Ardougne
  • Mine northeast of Ardougne, by the Legend’s Guild
  • Port Khazard mining spot, north of Yanille
  • Yanille, slightly south west of the bank

Kingdom of Misthalin:

Items Needed/Recommended: A Varrock teleport, Lumbridge teleport, Home teleport, Water altar teleport, and Combat bracelet(4).

  • East Lumbridge Swamp mine
  • South of Varrock’s east bank
  • South-East Varrock mine
  • South-West Varrock mine