Vistas in Guild Wars 2 take the form of a map hovering

There are many rewards for exploring the vast world of Tyria in Guild Wars 2. One such reward that you’ll find as you travel throughout the various zones of the game is Vistas. A player can interact with a vista, which will then start a panoramic mini-movie that shows the surrounding area in lush detail.

Vistas in Guild Wars 2 take the form of a map hovering in midair within a pillar of light. To interact with the vista and start the cutscene, the player has to interact with it by hitting [F] on their keyboard when they are adjacent to it. While some vistas are easily reached by simply walking up to them, others are harder to reach and may require completing a jumping puzzle to get to.

The cutscenes associated with vistas are gorgeous to watch, but they do have other benefits when you interact with them. A player will gain experience when they interact with them for the first time and they also count towards the completion total of the area and the world.

Hoelbrak, the capital city of the Norn, has a total of five vistas for the players to find and interact with. A player will know the number of vistas by looking at the loading screen when entering a zone or at any time in the map legend for that area. A vista is identified on maps (you open a map by hitting the [M] key) with two red triangles.

Skill Lines and Supporting Traits

The necromancer has access to 6 different skill lines, each with a shared overarching functionality, activation method, or theme, and a varying amount of supporting traits. You could think of skill lines as a means of categorizing our various utility skills into groupings that make them easier to understand, balance, and factor into your overall build.