Thousands of clan members rose to the challenge

Rewards include Constitution XP and 2500 coins. At any time after the quest is completed (even if you were free-to-play at completion), members can claim one of four criminally cool titles, chosen depending the type of rogue you proved yourself to be during the quest (changeable if you’re not happy with the result), as well as Agility, Prayer and Thieving XP lamps.

How to start Stolen Hearts:
Speak to Ozan in Draynor Village.


You’ll need to defeat 3 level 2 mercenaries.

Diamond in the Rough (members only)

Osman, the Al Kharid spymaster, has sent you and Ozan deep into the Kharidian desert, trailing the mysterious perpetrator of Stolen Hearts’s kidnapping plot. A ransom payment that doesn’t want to be given away, as well as some altogether smellier perils, mean that this desert adventure will require every ounce of yours and Ozan’s roguish guile.

Help Ozan as he seeks to clear his name, unearth forgotten lore that sets the scene for the later desert quests, and find out who was really behind the kidnapping plot.
Rewards include Agility, Constitution and Thieving XP, as well as access to an all-new underground area and the opportunity to get hold of a new weapon and shield.

Tradition dictates that the winners names will be engraved on the Clan Cup plaque and stand for all time in RuneScape history, and the names will become visible to the good people of Gielinor with effect from the next game update.

You can see the plaque near the castle in Lumbridge, Edgeville and Clan Wars.

Only 3 names can join the plaque, the winners of the Combat Cup, Skilling Cup and the Combined Cup.

*drum roll*

  • Combat Cup 2012 Winners : Violent Resolution
  • Skilling Cup 2012 Winners : Skill Shock
  • Combined Cup 2012 Winners : Basedin2minutes

The mini-tournament winners also gain special mention in this news announcement for their success and achievements in their specialist areas. Varying combat level as well as free and member players all had opportunity to take part in this element of the Cup, and we are delighted to proclaim the winners:

  • P2P 20v20 Mini-Tournament Winners : Blood Vipers
  • F2P 20v20 Mini-Tournament Winners : Dutch Generation
  • P2P Fullout Mini-Tournament Winners : Violent Resolution
  • Community Mini-Tournament Winners : India Inc
  • Under 90 Combat Mini-Tournament Winners : The Summon Tanks
  • Over 115 Combat Mini-Tournament Winners : Divine Forces