The materials you receive

The recent announcement of a launch date for Evolution of Combat certainly garnered a lot of attention! Your level of passion and dedication is obvious to see. It’s you guys who make RuneScape the uniquely amazing game that it is, and your enjoyment as RuneScape players is of paramount importance to us. As such, the decision to launch the Evolution of Combat into the live game was not taken lightly.

We’ve eagerly listened to the excellent constructive feedback from those of you taking part in the Evolution of Combat Beta. During the last five months, we’ve worked hard to implement your suggested changes and improvements thanks to that feedback. This culminated last week in the beta launch of the Combat Academy and a survey to gauge the opinions of those of you who had given the system a try.

We’d like to thank the many tens of thousands of you who took the time to take part. The results below are completely as captured (the responses haven’t been weighted in any way shape or form and no negative responses were removed) and additionally we’ve included some of our own further analysis to help give you some insight into how the data stacks up. We’re naturally looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these figures too!

There were some great works of pure awesome submitted to us this month, which made for a difficult choice. It came down to a very close vote, which resulted in our winner being the death-defying Hunting QBD by Ai x Tan San! Many of us here felt that a skill wherein you hunt the QBD (and perhaps other crazy-big bosses) was just so outrageous that it more than qualified as outlandish!

Honourable mentions to the fantastic works by Silniy Oryol with the very cool RuneDancing picture, and Cherrycake4 (a name we all know and love) for the Pizza DJ! If you want to see the other entries, then head over to the usual place.

Since Halloween is creeping up on us, it’s only prudent that the theme for Players’ Gallery 38 is Pumpkin Carvings, so get out those tools and put your skills to the test! We want to see those pumpkins etched with all things RuneScape, whether it be the RuneScape logo, the Bandos symbol, a chinchompa, or whatever else takes your fancy. Just remember to make it RuneScape-related.