Thanksgiving title: ‘the Stuffed’

The Evolution of Combat has arrived in RuneScape! Gielinor is gearing up for some of its biggest and baddest battles yet, and the community are joining in!

JMod Battle Royale

The Evolution of Combat is here, and we’re just as excited as you to jump in-game and cause devastation with the all of the new and awesome EoC features. As such, we’re inviting you to join us for a huge (but safe) Clan Wars battle this weekend! Find out more and join in over on the forums.

Thanksgiving title: ‘the Stuffed’

Don’t forget that from today onwards you can now equip the free community-chosen Thanksgiving title: the Stuffed! You can equip the title from the Customisation Interface in-game! Happy Thanksgiving!

Evolution of Combat Video Guide Competition

The Evolution of Combat community created video guides are still flooding in and there are so many great ones to watch! Be sure to check out this thread, kick back, watch and learn some great tactics from the community.

Those of you who are eligible for the Mad Scientist Outfit and/or the Combat Academy survey XP reward from the EoC Beta will receive your items today!

On log-in, you will receive a notification (or two notifications if you are eligible for both items) in your message box and you can collect your rewards from Diango in Draynor Market Square.

If you took part in four or more Combat Beta events and – as such – are eligible for the Mad Scientist Outfit, you just need to ask Diango for any outstanding holiday items he has.

If you’re eligible to receive the XP reward from taking the Combat Academy survey in the EoC beta period, he will tell you he has an item for you, and the XP can be acquired from the dusty tome he will hand over. Simply activate the item and choose the skill in which you wish to receive the XP reward, which will be ten times as much as you’d receive for redeeming a Jack of Trades reward in that skill!