Along with this treasure trove

For players who want their boosts to last a little bit longer, recharge gems will also be added to the wheel. Available in 1 day and 7 day versions, the crystals will allow you to recharge the boost on an item.
Remember – all members receive four free spins per day only until Sunday the 30th of September 23.59 (GMT), so subscribing is a great way to maximise your chances to win.

Happy spinning!

Walk on the Wild side this week in Solomon’s General Store!

Good day to you Sir, Madam – thank you for visiting my General Store!

It is with great delight that I present to you my latest range of outfits and accessories available from Solomon’s General Store: Animal Antics!

First off, why not become the Alpha in your pack of friends with the Wolf outfit. Available for both males and females alike, this 5 piece outfit including Ears, Jacket, Legs, Tail and shoes is sure to have everyone howling.

More of a night-time person? Then look your nocturnal best in my all new Fox outfit. Cunningly crafted for stealth and style, dog or vixen, you will be ready to hunt and outwit even the dangerous of prey!

If you’re in the market for a new headpiece Sir, may I recommend the Woodland Crown. Stately, noble and majestic, the Woodland Crown is made of only the finest enchanted stag horn. A Panda Warrior outfit from the Eastern lands, an eye-catching Kalphite Greathelm, a fetching Bunny tail for all events and two new titles complete my animal collection.

Come the 1st of October (GMT), providing you’ve had continuous membership throughout September, you’ll be snowed under a mountain of juicy rewards – along with a monumental XP boost – courtesy of the September XP Promissory Note.

Having had membership throughout September allows you to get your hands on:

  • 350k XP Promissory Note
  • Seaweed Dreadlocks
  • Squid Cape
  • Crab emote
  • A new title: the Tanned

If you’ve been a member throughout August and September, you’ll get all of the above, and your Xp Promissory Note will be worth a whopping 700k XP! If you still have your previous Promissory Note, the XP will simply be pooled together with any remaining. Easy!

Along with this treasure trove of Sizzling Summer goodies, being a member for both August and September will also give you the opportunity to be bestowed with four legendary Choose Your Fate items!
Please note that you will receive your items at any time during the 1st of October (GMT), so please be patient – it will take up to 24 hours for everyone to get their hands on the goods.