POE 3.9 Gladiator Most Popular Builds Tier List

Welcome to our Path of Exile Gladiator Builds 3.9 for Metamorph League, here you can view the most popular gladiator builds to use in this 2020 update. This is an Ascendancy class for Duelist in Path of Exile has one of the most flexible skill trees out of all the classes. Due to this, it has quickly become one of the most popular classes for just about any build in Path of Exile.

Path of Exile Best Gladiator Builds

(This page is currently undergoing updates for the new 3.9 Metamorph League)


POE 3.9 Gladiator Most Popular Builds

Path of Exile Gladiator the Most Popular Builds for PS4, XBOX1, and (Steam) PC Version of the game. At Eznpc we rank ascendant builds using a Tier List. You can find the Best Builds in the S Tier, the further down you go the weaker they become ending with F Tier. These rankings are based on the Builds viability, gear flexibility and popularity within the new Path of Exile Metamorpha League 3.9.

   Tier Skill Gems
Puncture, Vaal Cyclone
Split Arrow, Vaal Double Strike, Double Strike inventory icon.pngDouble Strike
Blade Flurry
Bladestorm, Herald of Agony, Rain of Arrows


POE 3.9 GladiatorBuilds Tier List | The Most Popular Build For Metamorph League

S Tier – Lacerate
A Tier – Cyclone
B Tier – Puncture, Vaal Cyclone
C Tier – Split Arrow, Vaal Double Strike, Double Strike
D Tier – Aspect of the Crab, Blade Flurry
E Tier –  Bladestorm, Herald of Agony, Rain of Arrows
F Tier – …

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Do you like online seasonal games in Forza Horizon 4?

The Forza Horizon 4 update brings a new way to risk online. In addition to traditional team adventures, players can now choose to compete alone. This new mode can be found in the “Online Adventures” tab and can be used in “rank” and “not ranked” modes.

Although FH 4 hopes to make some changes to satisfy the players, it seems that this change is not what the player wants. For those who don’t have Xbox Live, most of them don’t want to do online seasonal games. This is Depressing. They only play single player games, so don’t try to force them.

It’s even worse when you’ve never really played and have to do the 10 qualifier adventures on top of the ones needed to unlock Ranked Adventure itself. I want no part of the PvP aspect of this game. What’s worse are the constant disconnects after the Race in Adventure mode…it’s made it impossible for me to complete even a single adventure, even after 6-7 attempts at completing just 1. So I’ve just kinda given up on getting my 100% this week for the Porsche and Just hoping they fix it by next week so I can get that GTO.

But do we really need 100% at every season? I don’t have 100% in summer and my monthly % is already like at 26%, so it’s either a bug that’ll be fixed next week or we don’t really need To do it all for the monthly 100%, still sucks to force everyone to play ranked, the trial and playground games.

Finally, I hope that developers will listen to the opinions in the community and solve the problems that players really want to solve. Before you make a clear change in FH 4, if you want to get a 100% reward car, unless you take the time to complete Competition, otherwise it can only be purchased from a third party.

MLB The Show 18: Big Improvements for Road to the Show

It took longer than I anticipated, but I ultimately ended my partnership with Diamond Dynasty. It went much better than I believed it would. We had some good occasions with each other, nevertheless, it was simply time for me to move on. I caught up with an old pal, Road to the Show, and I’ve been fairly delighted.

mlb the show 18 tips

But there have been some issues which have limited the mode. My suggestions to enhance it come in 3 categories: easy concepts which can be brought in using a patch, intermediate concepts that could possibly be implemented by MLB The Show 19, and huge ideas that could take several years of tinkering.

Is usually PATCHED
THE Capability to Choose YOUR Team
This a single is pretty self-explanatory. I’m a die-hard Houston Astros fan, but I went to a slew of non-contending teams in my four drafts. What if I wanted to start my profession for my hometown team and function my way by way of our crowded minors? Acquiring chosen to a random group is exciting and all, but how long would I’ve to sim these drafts ahead of the Astros ultimately drafted me? It felt very odd to not have this choice.

Fixes to retired players have been showcased as an updated function prior to the game was released. And, yes, it’s good to see that some major prospects and superstars are not hanging up their cleats because of troubles using the algorithm, but there are actually still many players who’re retiring that shouldn’t. Certain, C.C. Sabathia for age makes sense (although Adrian Beltre for age did not), but J.A. Happ, Rajai Davis, Alex Gordon, and Rogelio Armenteros (to name some) as a result of capability doesn’t.

I (regrettably) get it (but hate it) in Diamond Dynasty, but why have this persist in an offline mode? I retain squaring up early count fastballs only to have them roll gently for the shortstop or softly pop out. Let’s patch this trouble.

Alright, I was not a fan of those. I did my finest to re-create myself in attractive digital kind (yet somehow came out of your practical experience extra handsome and in much better shape) with my personal on-field tendencies. Nonetheless, the best-fitting choice was the Jeff Bagwell (my hero) prototype, and that clashed with my desired position (2B). I got moved to 3B as a result of my player prototype, and all of a sudden it became my primary position. It seriously really should be the other way around, and my player even got benched for requesting to be moved back to 2B. Trevor Story and Francisco Lindor are extremely unique players. The forced positional limit felt bizarre given that player prototypes could apply to a multitude of positions

The complete showcase method befuddled me. I had an okay showcase my first time out and was drafted in the 23rd round by the Texas Rangers. Though I loved the “super late rounder” narrative, I did not want to play for my arch-rival (barf), but only right after the showcase did I learn the capability to go “back to school” and repeat the whole showcase system. What I discovered, purely by accidental discovery, is the fact that not just could I beef up my player’s stats by carrying out this a lot more than as soon as, but additionally time did not progress. I went to college for three years (pondering I’d be playing in 2020) along with the MLB Draft showcase nevertheless took place in 2018. Players should either be created aware of this going into the mode or have the selection to skip it and get the padded college attribute boosts.

All through my profession, my agent would sometimes contact me out in the blue and check-in. When I complained about my new forced position, my agent gave me vague reassurances that he along with the organization heard my concerns, and that they will be sorted out inside the future. Absolutely nothing definitely occurred. The choice to initiate conversations with my agent exists in other career modes, and fleshing out the mechanics on the alternative might be a complex repair. But your agent could be an intriguing avenue to pursue extra storyline and customization possibilities.

I know really nice that when I play, 0-1 pitches are outs practically just about every single time. There’s no way that I’m really hitting .342 in that count, but that’s due to the fact The Show’s robust stats section fuses both player and CPU functionality. Adding a swift choice to break them out and compare them offers an improved study on actual player functionality.

Do not get me wrong, coming up by way of the minors is really a thrilling aspect with the game, but I do not want it to become 2020 in-game before I debut. I tore through Double-A pitching, never ever got named as much as Triple-A, and watched because the rebuilding Pirates sputtered to a 100-loss season. A powerful 2019 Spring Coaching elevated me towards the Opening Day roster, but a great number of players retired or had been traded that the Pirates looked so various than when I began with them. I’m a sucker for progressing by means of the minors, but I can only imagine that players with equivalent playthroughs had been turned off by the seemingly endless minors practical experience. This could take a couple of years.

It felt like this year’s version was beginning to scratch the surface. So much goes on when players sim from look to look. Out of nowhere, the Pirates had Gleyber Torres, Trey Mancini, and Greg Bird, and my very first information of that came when I saw the starting lineups. Loading screens have been each helpful and not. Exactly where do I stack up with other rookies or other second basemen? Can the league leaders be expanded previous three or 4 to possibly 10 or 20? Notable team transactions would enable too. Sony San Diego unquestionably has some higher priorities, but upgrading loading screens to host a bounty of facts about your player’s career could be tremendously useful when so much time is simulated.

Abruptly, I was on the Pirates’ MLB roster. I didn’t obtain any sort of notification. I played in some Spring Instruction games and figured that I’d eventually be sent down, but I just stayed there. And I got my very first big league hit by way of a sim. We’re not asking for fireworks and a five-course meal, but there needs to be some sort of in-game notification for substantial profession milestones. Maybe they develop into anything like franchise mode’s Critical Scenarios. Cheap MLB The Show 18 Stubs for PS4 are fully stocked here to ensure low price and fast delivery all time! Buy MLB 18 Stubs now!

Nav Make a Fortnite Rapper Match: Reward Up to $10K

Nav Make a Fortnite Rapper Match

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Nav Make a Fortnite Rapper Match

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Nav surely isn’t the only rapper playing Fortnite, so he’ll have a lot of possible competitors. Drake, Likelihood the Rapper, Ski Mask the Slump God, Trippie Redd, Smokepurpp, Travis Scott, Wifisfuneral, Ugly God, Logic, Yung Bans, Lil Yachty, and numerous extra have talked about they’re fans of your game on numerous occasions.

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PoE 3.3 Marauder Builds for Incursion Newbie

The Marauder is Path of Exile’s pure strength class, which implies that he’s terrific at taking hits, and also far better at dishing out punishment. His melee capabilities encompass a wide array of assault, from enormous single target harm to devastating location of effect. This brute of a man bolsters his impressive physical arsenal with quite a few shouts and cries, capabilities that rally his allies and strike terror into the hearts of his enemies. In this Post, We share Path of Exile 3.3 Marauder Builds for Incursion Beginner.

[PoE 3.3 Marauder Builds] Martyr VMS Cast-on-Ignite Chieftain by Ravagore Develop

This construct is a great deal of fun. If your Pc cannot handle partying with other players, then you most likely cannot play this make, even with dynamic resolution. It really is a little bit wacky to gear given that it’s mostly uniques but the uniques are economical for the most component plus using five links keeps expenses low all around.
Its Ravagore and I’m going to show you guys how this Make melt issues with self-damage and use a staff to spin my way to server-crashing victory! This creates updated for so long as can do it and including instructions on how to make this perform in 3.3 considering the fact that there is only per week left prior to it drops as of writing this.

+ This make is insanely enjoyable. Half the time was laughing as well difficult to handle my character, and its gotten me killed much more than once.
+ Quite fast map clear. I am not going to claim its Deadeye rapid or even sub-minute quick but for any guy who enjoys wacky builds in place of the speed metal, this one particular is going fairly rapid.
+ Bosses melt as your swirling fireball of doom engulfs them in seconds.
+ One of a kind things are all reasonably simple to acquire, acquiring a decently rolled products was no issue at all(in the time). Most pricey uniques have been Eye, Inspired Finding out and Could possibly with the Meek.
+ Surprisingly secure construct. Packs and bosses normally die so immediately they do not get to hit you generally. Cyclone prevents stuns and is excellent for dancing around attacks.
+ Staves possess the long variety, so cyclone has some ideal radius without having to invest in AoE
+ We are able to turn on RF for bosses for even more harm!
+ This construct is only going to acquire Superior for 3.3 together with the transform to how Vaal Expertise function vs bosses, the adjustments towards the Combustion gem(formerly Chance to Ignite) and updates to ignite chance and fire damage all more than the ability tree. Throw in the New Vaal Blade Vortex skill for mapping plus some new corruptions from Incursion temples, and it really is going to be an incredible league.
+ Also, adjustments to common Blade Vortex will mean we sustain max blades for mapping!
+ We only require 5 links in our weapon and body armour so it does retain that end from the fees down.

– Can’t-do maps like Phys/Elemental Concentrate Support reflected or No Regen and lowered regen or -max resists is usually a discomfort.
– Expensive to gear as a result of the higher worth rares you might have to receive; T1-2 cold/lightning resists to make up for all the uniques are vital. I personally wouldn’t do this as a league starter unless you simply desire to go Chieftain Ancestral Warchief or Sunder to map till you may collect the gear. Still, this character only price about 5 ex to gear up, so it is not as well negative.
– The strain on lower-end computers is usually immense. My Pc is clocked to be in a position to deal with points like this and any lag or choppiness you see in videos is server side and not graphical.
– Party play can also be problematic for these causes. You believed that time you grouped with Tarke when he was playing Magma Orb was terrible for the potato computer lol.
– Despite being quite safe for softcore, i’d also not advise this make for Hardcore. A server stutter or poor circumstance was not appropriate for the sanity.
– Staves are great, and all but a Razor with the Seventh Sun dual wield/shield would possibly be faster and wouldn’t need move speed on boots. You may even use Shield Charge to obtain your AoE hits.
– In 3.2 given that you cannot obtain Vaal Souls from hitting bosses but, instanced boss rooms and any boss with multiples phases can be a colossal pain and either needs logging to loop the map a diff direction for additional souls Or perhaps a swap in gem sockets to a 3rd CWDT set up for things like elder guardians.

Leveling Guides:
This Create leveled with Ancestral Get in touch with Molten Strike until could choose up Tectonic Slam and did that for most the rest of the leveling method. Chieftain makes it simple to get Endu charges, and one smack having a Reaper’s Pursuit was adequate to clear most packs due to each of the overkill harm from Herald of Ash.
Leveling was a breeze honestly, Tectonic Slam is, and in some cases without a fast weapon, it hits tough adequate that don’t need to hit enemies quite much.
Swapped towards the CWDT set up at about 70 after had acquired all of the gear had and mappings were extremely smooth and effortless. Only had a couple of points to take out of two-hander nodes and place into a lot more life or to fill out the possibility to ignite nodes.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/tvHxJx2y
Talent Tree: https://tinyurl.com/ydczy5zw
Example Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2148789

[PoE 3.3 Marauder Builds] Really price range friendly Dual Sunder Juggernaut 3.3 Newbie Develop

This create is primarily created for you personally to progress very easily in the start off of 3.3. This build is to map having a decent speed safely. As a result of the mitigation, a Juggernaut has Uberlab simple to do with little investment (50 Poe Chaos Orb at the most).

+ Pretty spending budget friendly
+ Excellent league starter
+ Can farm Uberlab
+ Tanky
+ Semi very good clear speed

– Harm calls for some investment
– Not of screening
– Reflect maps are bad

Skill Tree Explanation
Generally, around the talent tree, That take as many productive life, regen and Axe/dual-wield nodes as possible. We want to survive and not die just about every 3rd or 4th map, so life can be a priority. We’ve got 211% elevated life in the talent tree alone, with is more than most builds can say.
We want adequate harm to perform the content material we aim for (clear maps safely to have atlas progress and farm Uberlab), and enough attack speed to produce confident our leap slam feels ideal, as it is our movement talent.

As for keystones we take:
– Resolute Approach
We don’t want to miss, and this guarantees that by no means happens. Do not take Resolute strategy as it denies you the chance to crit and gets the harm bonuses.
– Iron Reflexes
We desire to get hit to proc our ascendancy node Unbreakable, that gives us a lot more life regen, the extra harm we have mitigated in the past 10 seconds.

Leveling Guides
Use Cleave until level 12 when you can pickup Sunder. Sunder carry you the rest in the way. Remember to pick up help gems listed in gem hyperlinks around the way.
The Screaming Eagle plus the Gryphon each have very good damage and mobility. The Gryphon is the upgraded version on the Screaming Eagle.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/7zRgy7hU
Ability Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y839v745
Instance Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2148099

[PoE 3.3 Marauder Builds] Great for Really hard bosses Facebreaker Gloves Berserker Builds

This Make makes use of the Facebreaker Gloves which indicates we play UNARMED, plus the Facebreaker Strapped Mitts are Special gloves which give a substantial physical damage enhance to your unarmed attacks. Due to them, it really is attainable to create a convincing character who has no weapon and utilizes only his bare fists! There are two versions of the Facebreaker gloves – the legacy plus the new versions. The legacy version from the gloves is far more potent but can no longer drop, they only exist within the permanent leagues( regular and hardcore ), and also you can get them only by trading having a player who desires to sell them. The new version of your gloves provides significantly less damage ( 600%-800% in place of the 800%-1000% from the legacy ones ), and you can get them as a monster drop in all leagues. Not all attacks are usable even though you’re unarmed. Currently, you will discover seven attacks that you could use with out holding any weapon: Dominating Blow, Infernal Blow, Cyclone, Frenzy, Ice Crash, Shield Charge and Elemental Hit. The Riposte and Reckoning counter-attack abilities are also usable. I’ll explain everything about these skills later except for the Elemental hit. The Facebreaker Gloves give substantial physical harm increase. Regrettably, Elemental Hit offers only elemental damage, and as a result of that, the Facebreakers do not influence that attack talent. As for Shield Charge, nicely producing a viable create that relies on Shield Charge merely will not be doable at the moment.

over 6k Life
~1000 life/s with an enduring cry and all charges (more than 15% life reg)
73% Phy’s reduction (hideout) 90% with flasks
difficult to die for the reason that you stay behind your Totems
can do all map mods (reflect is really a bit meh since your totems kill themselves on hit)
at level 16+ (Facebreakers) all content material
great for tough bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper
Stun immune with over 25 Rage stacks

clear speed is typical
Totem playstyle is just not for everybody
10% life degen (but with ~15% life reg we nonetheless have 5% and never degen)

The most effective Key Pantheon for us would be the Brine King who delivers free (virtually) Stun Immunity:
You can’t be Frozen if you’ve Frozen Recently
You can not be Stunned if you’ve been Stunned Recently
The best Minor Pantheon for us is definitely the Gruthkul which gives us as much as 5% more physical dmg reduction
+5% chance to Evade Attacks if you have taken a Savage Hit lately
1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for every Hit you have taken Recently as much as a maximum of 5%

Leveling Guides
At level 1 take Ground Slam/Cleave/Molten Strike plus the Ruthless gem.
At level eight take Maim and take Additional Accuracy until u get the “Resolute Technique” Note
At level ten take Shield Charge for Movement (which can be also lovely for leveling in case you have some Facebreaker)
At level 12 Take Sunder in place of you level 1 gem until you’ve the Warchief Totem (note: you cant use sunder with Facebreaker)
At level 16 take the Facebreaker. For those who never have some, pick a Rare/Unique 2Hand weapon with high physical Dmg (With Facebreaker you choose leveling with Infernal Blow + Melee Splash/Ancestral Contact and Shield Charge).
At level 18 take More quickly Attacks, Melee Physical Harm, Melee Damage on Complete Life and Concentrated Impact
At level 28 take Ancestral Warchief
At level 38 take enhanced Region of Impact
Goldrim is exceptional for Resistance problems but should be the switch to Deadball at level 33
The Poe Tabula Rasa is as normally BIS Body Armor for leveling because of the absolutely free 6L. All other Uncommon armor can also be excellent 😉
Very good Shields for Lvling would be the Deep One’s Hide, Crest of Perandus and Trolltimber Spir

Pob link: https://pastebin.com/zRV1US3p
Talent tree: https://tinyurl.com/y9fr5uol
Instance Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1694250

Usually, they’re not worth the difficulty for causes that happen to be sufficient in the lengthy run. While they are valuable for players, who may know nothing regarding the game. For most likely by far the most aspect, they’re studying tools for newcomers to ease them in to the game. For much more PoE 3.3 Builds, it is possible to take a look at U4GM.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code cost-free of charge from the reps within the occasion you Get Poe Currency order from this short article.

Some Important Things I Have Learned from Mystic – TERA

What is the Mystic? To put simply Mystics are a highly mobile jack of all trades support character. We have enough heals to support solo healing a party through all content. We have buffs to make clearing content both faster and more efficient. We have the CC to lock down enemies (including bosses) for long periods of time. Also while we do have pets they are not a main focus of the class and aside from the Fairy (which is used as a self heal) you probably wont find yourself using the pets often. If your looking for a pet class my answer would be Tera does not have one despite the mystic having some.


  • Thrall of Life is your new best heal. When Augmented, casting it creates a large AoE, and anyone inside gets MASSIVE HP and MP regeneration. This out heals Boomerang (now your second best heal), and maintains your MP from that thirsty new aura. It also cleanses anyone inside the AoE, making it a much faster cleanse than your old lock on one. This should be glyphed for a 20% reset chance to maximise up time so that you have it when you need it.
  • Thrall of Vengeance should be spammed off cooldown. The new Augmentation gives anyone in the AoE a power boost which has a duration ~3 seconds shorter than the cooldown of this ability. Spam it, Spam it a lot!
  • Thrall of Wrath and Thrall King should be used in Enrage Phases. Typically 3 Thrall of Wraths = 1 Thrall King cast, so you should use King on the first enrage, then Spam Wrath in the enrage phases that follow.
  • Thrall of Protection is essentially Kaia’s Shield now, anyone in the AoE is shielded for 30,000HP meaning your party is protected from damage for a good 10 seconds.
  • Exploding Motes are good for damaging whilst healing your party, meaning you can contribute to damage a little more now whilst multitasking your healing. This isn’t a priority skill though.


  • Good aoe, and nice single target.
  • Fantastic Escapism – their “blink” ability can move you away from danger, quick enough to escape danger and cast a quick healing orb.
  • Good group skills- able to provide mana, health and movement buffs to the party, as well as power ups, dispels and CC.
  • Can Resurrect members.
  • Fantastic CC capabilities, and this will help if additional aggro is gained, or helping the group in a dungeon. Our teleport and glyphs relating to it also make us incredibly mobile and hard to pin down in PvP.


  • Squishy – As mystics have low defence and health, they’re extremely squishy, and do require alot of protection from their party members. This means that if caught mystics can be killed fairly quickly if no chance for escape or protection given.
  • Mana can disappear fairly quickly if over using some combo abilities.
  • The mystic relies on the thrall of life, or using one of their Arun’s Vitae to heal themselves, and thus remembering to do so can get missed and therefore they can die alot, compared to that of a priest, who has an instant cast self heal.
  • The Mystic is a hard to play healing and support class in TERA Online that is definitely not for everyone.

I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website https://www.u4gm.com/tera-gold, furthermore, there you will find the tera cheap gold you want, to get more information click here.

PoE 3.3 Marauder Berserker Builds

The Berserker is geared towards being in the heat of combat, with several of their skills requiring killing or becoming hit recently. These bonuses include things like damage, life leech, and warcry enhancements. Additionally, they have access to Rage. The more Rage built up, the far more harm and speed bonuses they achieve, but additionally the extra damage as time passes they take. This class aims for attack-oriented character builds.

[PoE 3.3 Build] 15 chaos orb BF BoR Champion/Zerker- Shaper/Guardians/Red Elder & Guardians/Uber Lab/Atziri

As of right now, the combination of mods on a stat-stick I mention in the video is getting a lot more expensive for whatever reason. They should be 2-3c, but if you can’t find one for that, use the Enemies explode one for clearing, and the % gained one in a weapon swap for bosses. You don’t need the extra harm for removal, I’ve tested on t16s, and the exploding enemies is the most important. Individually the mods are only about 1c each, so it’s cheap.
So weapon set 1 (AoE Clear): BloodSeeker + Stat Stick that has “Enemies killed explode dealing 5% of their Life as Fire Damage.”
Weapon set two (Single-Target Bosses): BloodSeeker + Stat stick that has “Gain x% of Physical Harm as Extra Fire/Cold/Lightning Harm.”


Weapon set two (Single-Target Bosses): BloodSeeker + Death’s Hand (1c) – that’ll work just as well if not better than a single %gained stat.
Hell, I’m still swapping to enemies explode from my crazy harm stat-stick right now. The enemies explode just too lovely for clear.

The last league I made a shrapnel shot trapper to farm currency early inside the league. I had 11 exalts a week in. This build has netted me 50 promotes within the same amount of time.
The budget of the build is 15c, and it is entirely Shaper viable, and I have made my mini fortune just farming Shaper and his Guardians. With level 19 skill gems to boot.
The build uses Blade Flurry since it’s fast and OP as fuck. We use the Bringer of Rain as a cheap way to get a bunch of links, a BloodSeeker because RIP Vaal pact, and a Shaped or Elder stat-stick as our offhand because the news mods are just disgusting.
There is no bullshit in this build. No “you can do this or that if you upgrade this or that item.” The end-game is conquerable on the 15c you spend when you start maps. With no upgrades. At all. Hell half of the items I’m wearing within the video are self-found random garbage that had alright mods.

Creator: Balderdash

PoB Link:
Budget Version (level 90): https://pastebin.com/yvGJE6q2
2x DPS Version (not needed, makes shit faster, level 90): https://pastebin.com/YqQkbS26

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050203


[PoE 3.3 Build] The Warchief [Facebreaker] Ancestral Warchief 2m dps+/Uber Farmer/Elder & Shaper Down

+ more than 6k Life
+ ~1000 life/s with the enduring cry and all charges (more than 15% life reg)
+ 73% Phys reduction (hideout) 90% with flasks
+ hard to die because you stay behind your Totems
+ can do all map mods (reflect is a bit meh because your totems will kill themselves on hit)
+ at level 16+ (Facebreakers) all content
+ perfect for hard bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper
+ Stun immune with more than 25 Rage stacks
– clear speed is average
– Totem playstyle is not for everyone
– 10% life degen (but with ~15% life reg we still have 5% and don’t degen)

Creator: Guggelhupf

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/zRV1US3p

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/HRh7Zj

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1694250


[PoE 3.3 Build] 2H Warchief – SSF/HC/Starter [Berserker] – All Content

This build is a 2H Ancestral Warchief build using Berserker. Vaal pacts nerf in 3.1 does not affect this build. It is expected to perform as reliably as ever. I’ve played and seen people play, this builds through beta, Harbinger, Turmoil, Mayhem, HC and it had done everything imaginable no matter the context.
Take that as my guarantee, if you wish.
This guide contains three versions of the build, utilizing all variants of 2H weaponry. They all start very similar, then diverge into either the current Hatred hybrid version (using Atziri’s Disfavour), the full Brutality physical version (using Starforge), or Elemental conversion (using Brain Rattler) – credits to silicon life for the idea.

I’m level 51 for now, and I choose to go the berserker way. The 25% instant heal warcry is just a must for a lab farmer I think.
So the rage buff so far. I can EASILY maintain the 50 buff whit just warcry. You got almost 6 sec before the rage stack start to decrease ( if you’re not taking dmg ), and the warcry cooldown is only two sec. Anyway, we always spam this warcry, so is not a problem and it’s a very power buff. My totem damage for now without the rage: two.5k with the 50 stack: 3.4k. It seems pretty good to me. And it only with two ascendancy point. For the life regen Debuff, the endurance charge negate a bit of that already. I will take a couple additional life regen on my gear and tree to negate the effect, but for now, it’s not a problem.

+ Tanky
+ Good single target
+ SSF viable (hybrid version)
+ Easy to upgrade
+ HC viable
– Clearspeed is only fine
– Totems not for everyone
– No leech

Creator: CynthiaCrescent

PoB Link:
Atziri’s Disfavour End-Game non-Brutality hybrid – https://pastebin.com/mvBvwkJb
Starforge End-Game Brutality physical – https://pastebin.com/ez9SsuZC
Brain Rattler End-Game Elemental conversion – https://pastebin.com/sCLy7D7u

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/bryu

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1920845


Usually, they may be not worth the difficulty for causes which can be enough within the extended run. When they’re valuable for players who may possibly know nothing concerning the game. For by far the most aspect, they may be learning tools for beginners to ease them into the game. For far more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, it is possible to pay a visit to U4GM.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no cost from the reps if you Obtain Poe Currency order from this article.

How Did You Even Start To Level without Any Items in PoE?

Even the lowest level nets usually instakill magic rhoas in mud flats, you can level pretty “fast” that way. Though, the first three characters died before seeing a unique, and then the fourth got Lifesprig from Hillock. It only took a couple of hours after that to get a red socket on the damn thing for flame totem. In future leagues, you just gotta hope for ice/lightning shrines I guess.

poe items

I only play true ethical SSF hardcore. I delete every meta unique I find because it is unethical to keep it. When my character dies, I delete every item in every stash tab because it’s not true ethical SSF hardcore otherwise. I Vorici break every six-link I land because it is unrealistic to ever six-link an item in true ethical SSF hardcore.

I skip the Labyrinth because Ascendency Classes are unethical powerhouses. Every time a Vaal Orb drops, I immediately use it on a randomly equipped piece of gear to increase the challenge. I’ve had global chat and trade chat disabled since I got my beta invite back in 0.9.2d, the Merveil fireball optimisation and curse duration patch, because player interaction gave too much advantage. I’ve sent at least 84 emails to GGG support over the years asking for unlimited ignore player space so I can make sure that no one talks to me when I’m in town. I read and listen to every lorestone, notes, books to fully immerse myself in the true ethical SSF hardcore experience.

Every time I go into this general and read the word “meta”, “trading”, “blade flurry”, “clear speed”, “Headhunter”, so on and so on, I make sure to thrust my giant vibrating dildo one to three times to punish myself accordingly for tainting my TESSFHC experience. I’ve stolen at least a dozen credit cards from my parents to pay for the 3,250 normal stash tabs that I have to show my support for GGG and the true hardcore game that they have developed. It deeply saddens me that PT left, he was the only one that spoke only truth. Why do you self-proclaimed SSF hardcores even try to pretend that you’re truly SSF hardcore? For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose www.u4gm.com where you can poe buy currency cheap.

What Are PoE Fans’ Opinion To The Upcoming Incursion League

Path of Exile

Path of Exile’s next league: Incursion League will come on June 1. In the official forum, there are thousands of comments on this news. So, how players react to the upcoming PoE Incursion League? Are they satisfied with the upcoming league?

Path of Exile

1. “I like the subtle shift in the subject of the league title. Rather than being the ones affected by the problem, we’re the problem. WE are the incursions. We’re someone else’s harbinger and breach.”

2. “This is what I like too. I know most people don’t seem to care but the lore and story of a game really helps to draw me in to it more, so anything that adds to that is a plus to me. And the Vaal lore is probably my favourite so this is doubly nice.”

3. “This is actually something I’ve been wanting to see for a while. I love dungeon crawling and while the Lab was trivialized I hope they apply the lessons from that to this new dungeon system. It looks really interesting.”

4. “I don’t know about the primary antagonist. Most of the bad things that come of the player character’s actions are consequences of things they couldn’t have known about such as breaking the seal and killing the Beast. Not to mention we bring down some horrible people, like Malachai, who wants to remake the world in his image of nightmare. Piety and the Templars committed some real atrocities too.”

5. “League looks amazing so far, I love the concept! I have one tiny concern. With the temporal incursions not dropping items, I’m a bit worried about Animate Weapon and its viability for the league. Is there any chance the incursions will be adjusted to drop white equipment similar to what was changed in the Beachhead boss encounters?”

There are too many comments. We don’t list them here, but it seems that most of the players are positive about this upcoming league. While you wait, why not visit our official website to poe currency trade.